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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lately it seems that it has been pretty popular in the blogging world to set a word for the year to inspire you each day. While thinking of my year and plans for next year, I decided on a phrase rather than a set of specific goals I want to accomplish in the new year.

a snap from my trip to Kiawah last summer

Every day grateful.

Everyday grateful is a phrase that I hear a lot at my Pure Barre studio and it has really stuck with me. For those of y'all who know me in "real life", you know that I tend to be a worrier (true story: my siblings got me a "freak out" journal for Christmas this year...), which I take as a part of my Type A personality. 

To me, living each and every day with a sense of gratitude means looking for the good in every day and appreciating it. In high school, I would get so focused on everything I had to do for school and all of the various organizations I was a part of that I would focus entirely on how stressed and hectic everything was. Not to say that I didn't enjoy high school or anything like that but I have gotten a lot better at this since starting college, whether it is watching an episode of Criminal Minds with friends after class to decompress or catching up on life with a friend in the library rather than studying like we intended to.

A few things that have helped me express gratitude for the little moments is the One Second A Day app and then the daily gratitude box in my Day Designer (which I will be showing y'all how I organize soon, I promise!). The premise of the One Second A Day app is to film one second of your day every day and then combine the clips into one video. I started my video on my 18th birthday last spring and it is so fun to look back on! 

Balance is so important but I truly want to be grateful for everything in my life each day, both good and bad, in the coming year!

What is your word or phrase for the year? Let me know in the comments!

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