MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air

Thursday, June 29, 2017

One of the posts that has been on my radar to share with y'all for a while is a comparison of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. I know a lot of students are looking ahead to the fall and buying their computers now so I figured this post would really be helpful if you're in that boat or simply looking for a new laptop computer.

Back in high school, my school always provided us with a computer, which was awesome as we didn't have to go out and buy one. For my freshman and sophomore years, we had MacBook Pros and then junior and senior years, we had MacBook Airs. I honestly like that we were able to try both throughout high school as it really helped me make a decision for what computer to purchase for college.

The MacBook Pro

The Pro seems to be faster and more streamlined when it comes to the information you have on your computer.

The older versions have DVD players built-in.

Apple just released a new edition of the MacBook Pro, making its featuring more modern and up-to-date.


It's more expensive than the MacBook Air.

It is a bit heavier than the MacBook Air but is still really light weight.

With the new MacBook Pro, you need adapters for most of the items you could connect easily on the MacBook Air (like a USB). They do sell adapters but they are an additional cost.

*my school required that we have a sticker with our full name on it so I blurred that out*

The MacBook Air

As the name suggests, it is a lot thinner and lighter than the MacBook Pro, which makes carrying it around much easier.

It's cheaper.

Compared to my old MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air has a much better battery life as I could go all day without needing to charge it.

Since it is lighter, I think it is a bit less durable than the MacBook Pro.

Less side plugs available. The MacBook Air air is a bit more streamlined, which means it doesn't have as many features as the Pro does.

The border around the screen is thicker. When you compare the two pictures, you can see that the MacBook Air has a thicker border around the screen, which makes it a bit less modern looking.

I wound up deciding on the MacBook Pro for college as I simply liked it better and it better fits my needs. What are your thoughts on the MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air? Let me know in the comments!

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