My Chic Week: June 16-22

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! So this post was originally going to go up on Monday....but I was at college orientation last Thursday and Friday (!!!) and when I was going to put the finishing touches on this post, I realized that the wifi in the dorm we were staying in was not connecting to my laptop and so I couldn't finish and publish this post in time.

Last week, I asked y'all on Twitter if y'all wanted to see a separate Kiawah recap post and the answer was an overwhelmingly yes (be sure to follow me on Twitter to participate in the next survey)! I'll be sharing a Kiawah recap post on Wednesday so be on the lookout for that as I'll be sharing all of the details of our trip!

Our trip was Friday through Monday so on Friday morning, I went to barre and finished packing before we left for our trip.

Monday morning, my family and I were up bright and early so we could head home. We finished packing and loaded up the truck before saying goodbye to Kiawah (for now!).

Once we got home, I started to unpack and ate lunch before going to a doctor's appointment. In hindsight, scheduling a physical the day after vacation wasn't my best idea ever but I had to get it done before heading to Clemson for orientation on Thursday.

After my appointment, my mom and I ran a few errands and then I nannied in the afternoon. My boss had an early flight Tuesday morning so I wound up staying the night at their house to make things easier. I took the baby I nanny to the park for a bit and then we had Chick-fil-a for dinner!

As I mentioned before, I slept over at the family I nanny for's house Monday night so I actually wound up being able to sleep in compared to average mornings. I nannied for a few hours before heading back home and going to Pure Barre.

After barre ended, I wound up running into one of my best friends in the parking lot so we decided to go to the juice bar that was nearby. While we were catching up, another one of my friends stopped by to drop off a grad gift and it was so fun catching up with them as this summer has been so busy so far!

We caught up for a while and then I went home to register for sorority recruitment before going to nanny again for a few more hours.

Wednesday morning, I was up bright and early to nanny. After nannying, I came home to get a bit of work done for the blog and then went to a Pure Barre class.

I worked on a few blog posts in the afternoon and then nannied. Once I got home from nannying, I had to get my stuff together and pack as my mom and I were heading to Clemson the next day.

Thursday morning, my mom and I were up super early to drive down to Clemson for my freshman orientation. We stopped at Starbucks for breakfast along the way and arrived in Clemson in time for 8 AM check in!

We then met my roommate for this year, who is so sweet! We listened to the opening session and then I went to meet my orientation group. We spend some time in our orientation group getting to know each other before going to a school of education meeting. We then went to lunch and a few more sessions before having time for campus errands.

My roommate and I grabbed ice cream at the local ice cream shop in our student center ('55 Exchange) and then checked into our dorm for the night. Freshman girls stay in the dorm for orientation that we will actually live in this fall so it was exciting to see the layout of our future dorm! Our room for the night was a corner like our real dorm is so it was so exciting to see that my closet is a walk in!

We then headed to dinner and managed to make friends along the way. My roommate, the girls we met, and I decided to walk to Spill the Beans in downtown Clemson (which my friend Riley recommended to me!) as we had a good amount of time before the next event we had to go to.

After enjoying our ice cream, we walked back onto campus and had a mini photo shoot and all of the popular picture spots at Clemson, which was so much fun. We then had another session to go to and then went to a social after that.

It started pouring in Clemson so the social ended early and my roommate and I stayed up a little before heading to bed.

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Happy Monday!

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