Thursday, June 8, 2017

Productive Tasks to Accomplish in 5 Minutes

Lately, I have been loving both writing and sharing with y'all posts about productivity and organization. I love reading them on other blogs and websites as I find them so inspiring and doesn't want a little bit of inspiration to work on creating a more productive, well-run day?

A lot of posts share ideas that, although are great, can be a bit lofty. Organization, to me, isn't needing multiple hours a day to clear through clutter and make sure everything is absolutely perfect. Although you may need one day a month (or maybe every few months) to deep clean and organize everything, I look for smaller tasks that help you be more productive and organize without needing a ton of time to accomplish them. So today, I decided to share with y'all a few tasks that you can accomplish in around 5 minutes that will help you be more productive and organized!

image via my bedroom redesign, which I shared on the blog last summer!

Delete Old Emails
I am a big fan of sorting my emails into various folders in hopes of keeping my main inbox at zero but I realized recently that my folders were full of old emails that I definitely do not need anymore. I promise you do not need J. Crew emails from 2015 and all they are doing is eating up space. Deleting emails doesn't take too long and helps your inbox feel a bit more fresh and clean!

Organize Your Files
Your computer desktop, downloads folder, and files isn't usually a place you think of organizing but it's amazing what a few minutes can do for the overall organization of your computer. I will typically move items from my desktop or downloads into the proper folder or delete them (be sure to delete them out of the trash can too!). Not only does this make your computer feel cleaner, it also makes your life easier as it will take you less time to find that one specific thing!

Clean out your purse
My purse gets so messy fairly quickly so taking a few minutes to clean it out and organize a bit makes things so much easier as I can actually find what I am looking for. Throw out pieces of paper or old receipts, put spare change into a coin jar, and take out those items that you were carrying around for some reason but you don't really need.

Make your Bed
I try to make my bed every morning but it is really something that makes you feel so much more "put together" that does not take a ton of time to accomplish. Even if the rest of my bedroom is a mess, having my bed made makes the entire room look tidier! Making your bed only takes a few minutes and can help with productivity later in the day as you're less likely to climb back into bed for a nap!

Clean your Makeup Brushes
I've been trying to clean my makeup brushes at least once a week to get rid of any gunk that builds up on them and it's one of those tasks that you "will do later" but never get around to. I typically let them soak in a cup of soapy water for a while and then let them dry on a towel, which gets the job done without too much effort.

Respond to Emails
Emails can be a bit overwhelming, especially when your inbox is on the fuller side. Rather than waiting for when you have a lot of time (and you know that perfect time will never come), take five minutes and start! Whether it's replying to a few emails or deleting some random ones, you have to start somewhere and it will help make your inbox feel a bit less daunting!

Start a load of laundry
Whether it's a tossing a few items into the washer or starting a full load or folding clean clothes, getting ahead on laundry makes the job a bit easier later on in the day. Depending on how ambitious you want to be, this doesn't take too long and helps you to have less work to do later on.

Update your agenda
My agenda low key holds my life together (I recently switched to a Day Designer agenda after using the Lilly Pulitzer agenda for years, which I shared how I organize here) but a big part of making your agenda useful for you and your routine is updating it with what's currently going in your life and schedule. Taking a few minutes to update your agenda with any new events, appointments, or deadlines is so helpful in making sure your agenda truly works for you and continues to keep your life together.

Tidy up
Even if you don't have the time to do a deep cleaning, taking five minutes to tidy up can really make a difference. Whether it's putting away that pile of laundry or cleaning off your desk, five minutes can accomplish a lot more than you think!

Write a to-do list
I love a good to-do list as they help me make sure I get everything I want/need to do done in an organized manner (and y'all know I love organization). If you do not have enough time to start any of your to-do's, write it all out in a list! This will both help you to remember what you want to accomplish later on in the day (or even the week) and also help you feel more on top of your to-do list as you've taken another step towards getting it done!

Delete items off of your phone
I always get that pesky little notification on my phone telling me that I am almost out of storage and, honestly, most times I ignore it! When I have a few minutes to spare, going through my phone and seeing what really is eating up my data as well as deleting it is so helpful! I've found that text messages and pictures are the biggest users of space on my phone so I usually try to see if I can delete any of those!

What are productive tasks that you like to do in 5 minutes? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love this post! One thing I definitely could be better about is cleaning my makeup brushes!

    Ashley //

  2. Thanks Ashley! I used to be awful at cleaning them regularly but have been trying to make an effort lately as it helps my makeup go on smoother and also helps with keeping my skin clearer.