My Chic Week: June 23-29

Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! Is anyone else excited for the long weekend ahead? My family and I are heading up to our lake house in New York for two weeks tomorrow and I'm so excited (not for the 14 hour car ride though haha). We typically go at the end of July but with college move in day quickly approaching (!!!), we decided to go up for the Fourth instead! Now wish me luck on packing today!

Friday was the second day of college orientation (read about Day 1 here) and my roommate and I were up bright and early to get packed up and ready for breakfast. We ate with two of the girls in my orientation group and then I went to another advising meeting. My orientation group and I spent most of the morning in our advising session preparing for class registration that afternoon and afterwards, I met up with my mom to pick up my Student ID and to eat lunch.

My mom and I walked around campus for a bit before going to the building where I registered for this semester's classes. Thankfully, that went pretty well and I got all of the classes I needed for the fall (plus, I have no 8 AM's!!). After class registration, we went to a meeting for sorority recruitment before heading back to Charlotte.

Thankfully our drive home was pretty uneventful and we had a yummy dinner at home of hamburgers!

Saturday morning, I slept in a little bit before eating breakfast and going to a Pure Barre class. After two days of no barre, it was good to get back into the routine! I had a few errands to run after class ended so I made a Target run and filled my car up with gas for the week ahead (#exciting).

I then came home to eat lunch and cross a few items off of my to-do list. I have been chugging away at writing thank you notes for graduation gifts and hope to finish those this week, so I wrote a few more in the afternoon on Saturday.

The little boy I nanny turned one last week (!!!) and Saturday afternoon, I went to his first birthday party. They decided to have a nautical party theme, which was too cute!

Sunday morning, I slept in again as my family and I decided that we would go to the late morning Sunday Mass, which we rarely do! Sunday was pretty relaxed as I worked on this week's posts for the blog and accomplished a few other items on my to-do list.

I went to barre in the afternoon and then came home for dinner with my family. And ended my weekend with a sheet mask for my face, whitening my teeth, and watching Gray's Anatomy haha!

On Monday, I decided to wake up a bit earlier than usual to get some work done before going to my Pure Barre Platform class. I haven't taken Platform since November (which you can read about here) and it was such a good workout but so hard too.

I managed to be really productive on Monday as I ran some errands, worked on thank you notes, got a few things done for college, and worked on the blog. I also nannied Monday afternoon, which was good after having a few days off of work.

Tuesday morning, I nannied a bit later than usual, which was nice as I was able to sleep a little longer and not have to rush out the door. I nannied for a few hours and then wound up staying at the family I nanny for's house during the day.

After dropping the kids I nanny off at school, I stopped at Theory Design Studio to pick up something for a project my friend Riley and I are planning. The store is so cute and makes me wish I had a house to decorate haha.

During the day on Tuesday, I was able to be super productive in working on content for the blog and finishing up my graduation thank you notes. I grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch and then soon enough it was time to pick up the kids I nanny from school.

After nannying on Tuesday, I ate dinner at home and then watched the last episode of Pretty Little Liars. I've been watching for years and the show has honestly annoyed me the past few seasons but I had to finish it to "get my answers". Did anyone else watch? Watch did you think haha?

Wednesday was an early morning to get up for work but it was worth it as the little baby I nanny and I spent a few minutes in the rocking chair on their front porch enjoying the day before his big brother woke up. After nannying, I headed home as I had a few appointments and things to do! I also nannied in the afternoon on Wednesday.

After work on Wednesday, I drove over to Phillip's Place to meet up with my friend Amy of Pastel N Pink. We hadn't seen each other since April (which you can read about here) and we shot lots of cute content for our blogs that I can't wait to share with y'all soon. After we finished taking outfit pictures, we decided to go to a popular Mexican restaurant in Charlotte called RuRu's. Neither of us had been before and it was so delicious (their queso is amazing and the Chicken Quesadilla I had was so yummy!).

Thursday was another busy day as I wound up nannying all day. The baby I nanny stayed home sick so we had a pretty laid back day. We did take a long walk in the afternoon, which was a great way to get some exercise in and get a bit of sunshine. I got out of work a bit early on Thursday and worked on a few things for the blog before going to bed pretty early.

On my Radar:

1. Ashley Brooke Designs just released the cutest art prints and I think I need at least one for my dorm room at Clemson this fall!

2. I just purchased this book for my trip to New York and I'm so excited to read it!

3. If you watched Tuesday's PLL finale, you'll crack up at this Buzzfeed article

4. Traveling this weekend? I thought this Town & Country article about what your weekender bag says about you was hilarious!

5. Obsessed with how Shannon styled this outfit

On Chic in Carolina this Week:


  1. I'm personally still torn on the PLL finale! I'm glad its over after all these years of plot twists, but it's going to be strange not having a show to consistently watch on Tuesday nights!

    xoxo, Veronica

    1. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way! Thanks for reading, Veronica!

  2. Yay!! So fun catching up with you this past week! We need to meet up again before the summer is over!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink


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