My Chic Week: June 9-15

Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! Who else is excited for the weekend ahead? *raises hand*

My family and I are heading off on a weekend trip to Kiawah today and I'm so excited- I'll be sharing more on the blog soon but for now, be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter. Next week is another exciting one as I'll be heading down to Clemson for orientation! For now, grab a cup of coffee and let's catch up on the last week!

Friday morning, I worked on some blog work for a bit before going to a Pure Barre class at noon. After class, I had an errand to run and then came home to eat lunch. My mom and I then headed to the Verizon store, which is always a lot of fun, as both of our phones were having issues (I was constantly running out of data and it was driving me crazy!). We both wound up getting new iPhones so once we got home, we set up our phones.

I had another grad party to go to Friday night, which is always fun as I've been able to catch up friends I haven't seen in a while and eat some good food too!

On Saturday, I woke up somewhat early so I could go to a Pure Barre class before starting my day. After barre, I babysat for hours as I took the little girl I was babysitting to the park, to Chick-fil-a for lunch and ice cream, and then back to her house to watch a movie.

After babysitting, I went home and changed before heading over to my friend Cara's shopping event she was hosting at the cutest boutique. It was so fun to see her and catch up a little bit as it had been a while (back in April when we went out for Annaliese's going away dinner).

off-the-shoulder top (I bought this at Lilly Pulitzer's Splash into Summer event a few weeks ago and love it!)

I then went to Church with my family and then we had a casual dinner at home, which was nice after a few nights of grad parties in a row.

Sunday morning, I slept in and then enjoyed breakfast in my pajamas before working on this week's blog posts for a bit. My family decided to go out to our favorite restaurant on the lake for lunch so we took the boat over and enjoyed a casual lunch by the water.

I scheduled a mid-afternoon Pure Barre class for Sunday, which was nice as I was able to sleep in (and not set an alarm haha!) but also get my workout in as well.

Monday morning, I slept in and then worked on some blog work before going to barre. I was able to be super productive on Monday, which is always a great way to start the week, as I submitted the picture for my Clemson ID (!!!) and was able to cross a couple of other items off of my to-do list as well. I worked in the afternoon as well on Monday.

lululemon align pants (best leggings ever!)

Tuesday was a fun one as the little boy I nanny over to my house to go swimming and to play. We had a pretty full day as we swam in my pool, played with just about every toy in my house (my mom saved a bunch from when my siblings and I were younger), ate lunch, went out for ice cream with my siblings, and then played some more.

We then went to his swim lesson and then went to pick his younger brother up from school.

After work, I came home, ate dinner, showered, and then watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (I only watch because I need my answers haha) before going to bed.

My new laptop (thanks mom and dad!) came on Wednesday morning so I spent most of my morning setting that up. I went to barre class and then came home to continue setting up my computer (I have lots and lots of pictures to transfer over!). I also nannied Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning, I was up bright and early to go to work, with a stop at Starbucks on the way for an Iced Vanilla Latte. I worked for a few hours and then went shopping afterwards. I was wanting to go to Lilly Pulitzer as they had new arrivals and just re-released the iconic Lobstah Roll print so that was my first stop!

orange luxletic top (had to get it because it's Clemson orange) ⎢sailboat top

After Lilly, I went to Sephora and J. Crew before grabbing a quick lunch at Panera. I had one more store to go to and then headed back to the family I nanny for's house to get some work done as well.

I worked a few more hours in the afternoon and then headed home to eat dinner and get started on packing for today's trip!

On my Radar:

1. KIAWAH! My family and I are heading down today to one of my favorite places ever for a weekend trip and I am so excited. We didn't go last year as we went to Hawaii (which you can read about here) so I am so excited to go back (you can read about our last trip in this old blog post!).

2. The Everygirl is my favorite for inspirational posts and I love this one about reduce stress and leading a less hectic life!

3. My friend Renee shared her freshman dorm room at Elon on her blog last week and it's so cute!

4. In case you missed it, Kiel James Patrick and his wife, Sarah, announced that they're having a baby with what may be the preppiest baby announcement ever!


  1. You're so cute! Sounds like a great week! I love Pure Barre!!

    Katherine |

  2. Love these posts! Hope you have a great vacation this weekend!

    Ashley //

  3. Loving all the looks! Great post
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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