My Chic Week: May 26- June 1

Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! This week was such a busy one but also so fun as I started nannying again and graduation events have officially kicked off! We had our senior barbecue and Baccalaureate yesterday, most of my family comes into town today, and then tomorrow is the big day! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with everything I'm up to!

Friday morning, I went to a barre class and then headed straight to the nail salon to get a manicure and a pedicure for graduation. I was a bit pressed for time but wanted to get my nails done as my manicure was about to go and I knew this one would last long enough for graduation!

One of the girls in my grade threw a pool/lake party at her house Friday afternoon, which was so much fun! We swam in the lake for a while before hanging out by the pool for a few hours.

After the party, I came home and then got ready for one of my best friend's graduation party. I didn't wind up taking any pictures from her party but it was so much fun!

On Saturday, I went to a Pure Barre class in the morning and then went back home to eat lunch and get ready for my cousins to visit. They weren't able to come to my graduation so they decided to come and visit for Memorial Day weekend, which wound up being so much fun. Saturday was pretty laid back as we hung out by the pool all day before having ribs for dinner and then cake to celebrate my high school graduation as well as my sister's and my cousin's graduations from middle school.

Sunday morning, my entire family and I went out on the lake early so we could go tubing before the lake got too hectic, which was so much fun. We tubed for a while before attempting to grab lunch at one of my family's favorite restaurants on the lake, which we found out lost power so we ended up going back to the marina and grabbing pizza nearby instead, which was still good haha!

Once we got home, I showered and then went to go babysit for a few hours!

Monday morning, I went to an early Pure Barre class to kick off my day before going home and hanging out for a bit. We went over to our family friends's house on the lake, which was nice because we were able to be by the water and swim but also avoid the craziness that the lake is on a holiday weekend.

We had a casual barbecue dinner at home, which was so yummy, and then I watched the Bachelorette to finish my day.

Tuesday morning, I was up bright and early to go nanny, which I was honestly so excited for after a week off of work since the family I work for was out-of-town. I took the boys I nanny to go get donuts at Duck Donuts, which was so yummy, and I, of course, somehow managed to leave my phone at their house so there's, unfortunately, no photos of that haha.

After work, I had to stop by my high school to return my laptop (my high school gives each student a laptop to use so I had to turn mine in) and drop off a few other things.

I had a few free hours Tuesday afternoon so I decided to make these delicious Brownie Truffles from my baking Pinterest board (be sure to follow me on Pinterest!). I love to bake but never seem to have the time for it so it was fun to be able to try a new recipe out.

I wound up working in both the morning and the afternoon on Wednesday so I decided to stay in the city all day.

After nannying in the morning, I decided to try to be productive and take my Math Placement test for Clemson. A hour and one phone call to Clemson's tech support later, I figured out my password for my account and then managed to take the test (real life y'all haha).

I decided to grab lunch at Dean & Deluca, which is one of my favorite spots in Charlotte (I first visited in this post and then went again in this post) as they have an incredible Chicken Caesar salad, super delicious desserts, and amazing people watching.

Dean & Deluca always has the cutest decorated sugar cookies- I had to pick up the hamburger one for the little boy I nanny.

I wanted to find a graduation gift for one of my best friends so I wound up going to Swoozie's, which is seriously one of the cutest stores I've ever been to. They have so many cute items and I wanted to buy everything for my dorm room haha. I definitely will be back to buy some more things for the dorm but for now, I bought this adorable Clemson print along with the gift and some balloons for my grad party this weekend.

I then picked the boys I nanny up from school and we had the cookies I picked up at Dean & Deluca as a treat before playing with water balloons! I nannied for a few hours before heading back home!

Thursday was such a fun day as we had our senior barbecue and then Baccalaureate. I slept in and then finished up yesterday's blog post before getting ready for the day.

The vice principal of my school (and my APUSH teacher last year!) always hosts the senior barbecue at his farm, which wound up being so fun! The food was so yummy and it was so fun to spend some time with friends just hanging out.

OOTD: An old Lilly top and these Lilly shorts plus these jacks (not pictured!)

Thursday night was our Baccalaureate Mass, which was such a great way to officially kick off graduation since we all wore our gowns (no caps in church haha!). I wore this Kate Spade dress that I purchased during my trip to Chicago with my go-to heels and my pearl necklace. My mom managed to snap so many cute pictures and I'm excited for all the pictures that will be taken at graduation this weekend (so be sure to check out the blog next week for those!).

On my Radar this Week:

1. GRADUATION! Tomorrow is the big day and I am so excited! I have graduation tomorrow and then my grad party is on Sunday so this weekend will be a super fun one!

2. I read Primates of Park Avenue this week and thought it was really good! If you love Gossip Girl, you would love this book. It's supposedly a memoir and parts of it are a bit frivolous (the author spends a good 30 pages detailing her search for a Birkin bag) but it's a fun read! I think my next read will be Rich People Problems as it's the third book in a series I read last year!

3. I love my friend Cara's Everyday Outfits series as all of the outfits she wore in May are so cute!

4. My Day Designer agenda started yesterday and I'm so excited to use it! This is my first year using a Day Designer (Dorothy's post about hers convinced me to get one) and I think my blogger (and real life!) bestie Riley and I are going to compare our agendas (as she has the Emily Ley Simplified Planner) sometime this fall!

5. Love this post on prioritizing when everything seems important from The Everygirl (a favorite website of mine for inspirational, get-your-life together posts!)

Happy Friday!


  1. I have to agree with you that lemon water is the best. It somehow motivates me to drink more water. I want to try Ducks Donuts. The pictures of the donuts always look amazing. Swoozie's has a store in Atlanta. I love popping in to smell all the candles they have. They have such a great smelling store.



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