2017 Goals Update

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nothing like a surprise second post of the day to celebrate making it through the week! Since I didn't have any posts go up on Monday or Tuesday this week, I decided that I would share TWO POSTS today and tomorrow to make up for it! So tomorrow a post will be up at both 8 AM (my usual time) and then noon!

Back at the start of the year, I shared my 2017 goals with y'all. I typically like to do this at the beginning of the year and then I'll recap how I did at the end of the year. I feel like the goals we set at the beginning of the year are usually forgotten by February so I decided to update y'all on how I'm doing to keep myself accountable. Since we are halfway through the year already (but seriously, how did that happen?), I figured it would be the perfect time to do so and I can remind myself of my goals to continue to work on them!

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stress less // Obviously, there is always room to grow in this one but I would say that I was definitely less stressed out second semester than I was first semester or junior year. I have a Type A personality so I don't think that I'll ever be completely zen or anything like that but I have definitely learned how to manage my stress better. I may do a full blog post on this soon but making time to workout and having outlets outside of my schoolwork have been so helpful in managing stress!

graduate with straight A's // I was so close on this one haha! I wound up getting a B+ in my AP Language class but had all A's other than that!

decide on a college + graduate // Big check next to this one! I decided on Clemson in March and then I graduated last weekend!

find a good balance in college // Obviously I haven't been able to work on this one as move in is still over two months away but I definitely want to prioritize this once I do move in in August!


continue to grow // Even though the last semester of senior year was definitely hectic, I worked to keep new content going up fairly consistently and wait to continue to do so over the next few months!

reach 2,500 instagram followers // Now that it is summer, I have more time to be active on Instagram and focus a bit more on growing my account. I've been trying to post at least once a day and post on my Instagram stories as well so be sure to follow me on Instagram!

redesign the blog // This one is still a work in progress but I can't wait to hopefully work on this over the summer! 


reach 250 pure barre classes // I reached 100 classes back in January and I'm currently around 170 so I'm on my way to accomplishing this one! I'm hoping to reach at least 200 classes before I head off to Clemson in August so that should help in achieving my goal!

eat less sweets // I could definitely improve in this category. I gave up sweets for Lent this year so I was really good about it in March and part of April but once Easter hit, cutting back on sweets really fell out the window. My schedule is currently full of graduation parties so I obviously want to enjoy sweets at those but I think once those wrap up, I'll try to limit my sweets during the week (and enjoy myself on the weekend haha!).


read more // I got off to a slow start with this one but I've read two books in the past month (Grace, Not Perfection and Primates of Park Avenue) since I've had more time to read after finishing my AP Language exam in May. I'm definitely hoping to read more this summer and would love any of y'all's recommendations.

balance my sleep schedule // Second semester of senior year was so helpful in terms of balancing my sleep schedule. Even though I still had a lot of work to do, I made getting at least 7 hours of sleep a priority, which has helped so much! Now that it's summer, I should be able to work on this as even though I still wake up early to nanny a few days a week, I don't have homework to do at night anymore!

be a better friend // With leaving for college only a few months away, I've been trying to focus on my friendships, whether that's a catchup over coffee, grabbing lunch, or FaceTiming. I am definitely an extrovert so nothing makes me feel as refreshed as spending time with my friends and I have been trying to focus on building quality friendships as well!

How have you been doing on your 2017 Goals? Let me know in the comments!

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