My Chic Week: June 2-8

Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! So this post was supposed to go up last Friday but obviously, I didn't get around to making that one happen haha. I try to pre-schedule my posts for the week over the weekend so they're ready to go but I still work on My Chic Week posts throughout the week so y'all can have an updated look at what I've been up to!

So I'll catch you up on last week today and then on Friday, we'll catch up on this week and I'll share what's On my Radar!

Friday was a relaxed day as we didn't have any graduation events going on and since I have the day off of work on Fridays, I pretty much relaxed and caught up on my to-do list. I walked Kona in the morning before going to barre and then hung out in the afternoon and got some blog work done.

My grandparents (my mom's parents) and my grandfather (my dad's dad) all came into town Friday afternoon so it was great to see them and then have a family dinner of pizza from our favorite pizza place.

Saturday was the big day: graduation! Even though I shared a recap of graduation on the blog on Wednesday, I still want to share some of the behind-the-scenes details of the day!

I had my hair done Saturday morning and decided to stop at Starbucks for a vanilla latte before my appointment! I got my hair done later in the morning so I wound up getting ready before my appointment so that once I got back, all I would have to do is put on my dress.

I realized as I was looking at all of my pictures from graduation that my gown was zipped up in all of them so you couldn't even see my dress. I, of course, wore a Lilly Pulitzer dress that I bought back in March and since I purchased it so long ago, I was so excited to finally wear it. I snapped this picture before heading out the door and figured I would share as it let's y'all see my dress a bit better.

They had us arrive at the theater two hours early so we could practice, which wound up going fairly quickly. The theater we graduated in is typically used for, as you might expect, plays and other performances so they had dressing rooms, so we wound up all hanging out there before it was time to graduate.

After graduation ended, lots of pictures were taken and then my family and I went to dinner at the Capitol Grille in Uptown. The family I nanny for came to graduation and also came to dinner with us, which was so sweet of them. I've never been to the Capitol Grille but it was so delicious and was such a fun way to celebrate!

Sunday was another exciting day as I had a few grad parties to go to as well as my own grad party that day. Two of my best friends had their parties Sunday afternoon so I quickly stopped by at both of their parties before my own party started.

One of my best friends is going to USC so that's why I'm holding a "Go Cocks" sign- I don't actually agree with that statement #GoTigers #AllIn

I planned on sharing a post all about my grad party but decided to share them in this post as I only have the pictures I took before the party started of some of my decorations. Honestly, I was kind of too busy talking to everyone that came to take a lot of pictures during the party so I guess that speaks for living more in the moment!

I work in the afternoon on Mondays, which is nice as I'm able to sleep in a little longer than usual to start off my week. Pure Barre started a 40 classes in 60 days challenge at the start of the month and even though I don't think I'll be able to pull it off as I'll be out of town for too much of it, it's been a great motivation to take as many classes as possible. I've been going to the noon class, which is great as you still have your morning to be productive but still get a class in.

I nannied on Monday afternoon so I took one of the little boys I nanny to swim class and then back to their house. 

I nannied in the morning on Tuesday and once I got home, I worked on some posts for the blog (as I kind of slacked off on that over the weekend haha. But you only graduate once, right?) and then went to a barre class.

After barre, I got dressed in real clothes (haha) and then went to go get my nails done. My last manicure was started to chip and since I had gel on my nails, I didn't want to mess up my nails by peeling them off haha!

Wednesday morning, I was up bright and early to go nanny and once I got home, I worked on a few things for the blog. I went to my favorite 12 PM Pure Barre class and then ran a few errands with my mom afterwards.

My younger sister graduated from middle school on Wednesday afternoon so the celebrations continued! It was so crazy to think that it was me graduating from middle school four years ago (funny how I thought I was "grown up" back then) and it was sweet to watch her and her classmates graduate.

After the ceremony, we headed over to a country club for a dinner that the parents host for all of the eighth graders and their families, which was a lot of fun. And about that mirror selfie, we took a similar one last year at my brother's graduation and my phone was freaking out on me (always running out of storage) so I guess I was not amused while this picture was being taken.

I worked in both the morning and afternoon on Thursday so I wound up staying at the family I nanny for's house all day, which was great as I was super productive. I worked on some stuff for sorority recruitment this fall, took my Spanish placement test, and then worked on some things for the blog.

shorts (also available in solid colors!) ⎢sandals

After work, I headed home to change before going to one of my best friend's grad party. I was kind of exhausted after waking up early that morning but her party was so fun (I mean they had an ice cream sundae bar...) and it was great catching up and hanging out with friends!

Last Week on Chic in Carolina:

Hope y'all have a great Monday and a productive start to your week!


  1. Love this post! Keep up the great work girl.

    Maria |

  2. Love these weekly recaps! Congrats on graduating gal :) Also I really want to go make homemade cookies now haha!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  3. I love the tile floor in the last picture.

    1. Aren't they so cute? I found them in front of a shut-down shop while walking in Charlotte the other day!

  4. These posts are my fav! Sounds like a great week!

    Ashley //

    1. So glad you love them, Ashley! Thanks for reading!


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